Dahlia - Ivanetti

Dahlia - Ivanetti


Ivanetti Dahlia Tubers

Color: Deep Plum

Flower Size: 3.5”

Plant Height: Approx. 51”

Best For: Floral Design, Market Bouquets

I am often asked the question, “what are your favorite dahlias”? For me, that is like picking a favorite child. It is impossible to choose. I would frame the question differently. What dahlias are your favorite for an intended purpose? For example, in the garden, as a cut flower, for a dahlia show, to be the longest lasting, for quality tubers, or to spark a conversation.

Ivanetti is one of the handful of dahlias I would recommend as an ‘all of the above’ dahlia. As a cut flower, it throws loads of long stems that you can harvest from constantly once they start blooming. The color also happens to be one of the most popular for design. In the garden, they are a compact plant that holds up well in a variety of situations. It is one of the best ball forms that one will see at a show with very uniform blooms. My customers often tell me that they last in the vase for more than a week at home which is amazing for a dahlia. One tuber will often produce a clump that can be divided into more than five or six new tubers (if not many more) for the following year. The color and form of this flower will impress any that see it.

As far as dahlias go, this one is a must for anyone wanting to try their luck with them.

Dahlia tubers purchased from Summer Dreams Farm will ship out in early April, weather permitting. For more information on how to grow dahlias, check out the Dahlia Care section of our website!

All dahlia tubers that we offer are grown with care on our farm in Michigan. We do not resell tubers from other growers or import dahlia tubers from abroad. Because of this, when purchasing from Summer Dreams Farm, you can be sure that you will get what you order.

We are proud to share that all of our dahlia plants and tubers are inspected by the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture prior to shipment to assure the quality of the product you receive.

Due to weather and Department of Agriculture requirements, we are unable ship tubers early and our tubers are only available to ship within the United States.

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