Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open to the public?
At this time, our farm is not open to the public and we do not have a retail location. If you are interesting in visiting us, we host an open house at the farm each year in early September. If you are interested in attending, make sure you sign up for our mailing list to learn more about this event!

When do you ship your dahlia tubers? Can we receive them earlier?
We ship our tubers in early April or when the weather is warm enough to ship dahlia tubers safely. Unfortunately, we cannot ship earlier than this.  To assure this standard, each year our dahlia tubers are inspected in the spring before shipping by the Michigan Department of Agriculture to make sure there are no issues with mold, rot, or diseases. In addition, farming in a northern climate, the weather is often below freezing until the end of March. In order to make sure that dahlia tubers do not freeze in transit, we will not ship until nighttime lows are above freezing.

Can we pick up dahlia tubers from the farm?
Since we do not have a retail location, we are not set up to handle pickups from the farm. We will only be shipping tubers via USPS and UPS for the 2018 season.

Do you have more tubers available if it currently says "sold out"?
We do not have any additional tubers for those listed as "sold out" available. We list our tubers twice a year; once after we dig them up in the fall and again in the spring after we are done dividing them. For the 2018 season, we have listed all of the tubers we have available and will not be listing more until November 2018 for the 2019 season.

Can I call in my order or do you have a print catalog/order form?
No. All of the dahlias (for tubers) that we offer can be found and purchased through our online store. Cut flower orders (July - October) can be placed though our Fresh Cut Flowers page.

Do you allow photography at your farm?
We work with two photographers on our farm. Heather Saunders Photography and Lemmonmade Photography. If you are interested in setting up a session on our farm, arrangements can be made through either of these two. At this time no other photographers are allowed to shoot on the farm.